The Mattsons Standing in Front of Their Wheat Field

(Pictured above:  Dale Johnson, Megan Mattson, Vince Mattson, Kerry Mattson)

Mattson Farms is a large scale, no-till, dry land, cereal grains farming operation. We are located north of Chester, Montana, situated between the Sweet Grass Hills and Tiber Dam Recreation Area. Since 1911 our farm has been 100% family owned and operated.


August 8, 2013

The 2013 harvest is fast upon us.

In May, the forcast for a 2013 harvest at all was bleak at best.  We went through the entire month of May, typically our rainy season, with absolutely zero rainfall until the very last week of the month.  Much of our continuous cropped acres suffered due to drought, but what remained made a boastfull come back as we have now had a moisture event nearly every week since.  As harvest rolls near, the combines are ready, crops are almost ready, but the rain continues to fall on Mattson Farms, making us wonder how late harvest might end up being.  With every storm cloud, also comes the liklihood of the much dreaded hail storm.  So far we have been lucky, with only a few fields getting hit, but the white combine has taken many fields around us. 

As of the second week in August begins, we have finished our green pea crop harvest and are impatiently waiting for our winter wheat harvest to begin.  The crop looks beautiful, so we are anxious to get into the field.  Also, with fall planting not far away, we are once again looking at the potential of performing both harvest and planting operations at the same time.


Recently Added Services

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Mattson Farms uses a Case Patriot 4420 and are hoping to provide Herbicide Application Services

Hard Red Winter Wheat in Bulk

M-Equipment Custom Farming

Is your CRP Contract Expiring?
If you do not want to renew, consider custom farming to alleviate the cost of purchasing new equipment.  See our Services Page for more information.

Hard Red Organic Winter Wheat in Bulk

2010 Hard Red Winter Wheat

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