The Mattsons Standing in Front of Their Wheat Field

Mattson Farms is a large scale, no-till, dry land, cereal grains farming operation. We are located north of Chester, Montana, situated between the Sweet Grass Hills and Tiber Dam Recreation Area. Since 1911 our farm has been 100% family owned and operated.

May 18, 2015

Finally Recieved a Spring Rain.

Our first spring rain finally fell upon Mattson Farms in the middle of May, but was it too little and too late?  For much of our Winter Wheat Continuous Cropped acres, this is most likely the case, but for our Fallow acres and Spring crops, it was our first glimpse of hope for the 2015 Season.  In addition to a pessamistic outlook on our crop, we have yet to see if the grain market will rebound from its 8 year low.  With rising input costs and the low price of wheat, we are looking to mitigate costs this season wherever possible.  

A new venture for Mattson Farms was our acceptance into the H2A program.  In an effort to combat our inability to find a local labor force, we chose to begin the process to accept employees from the H2A program last Fall.  By Mid-April we welcomed 2 H2A employees from South Africa.  They have been a breathe of fresh air on the farm, eager to dive-in and help wherever help is needed. 

Time will tell what the season has to bring for both the crop and the market, but at Mattson Farms, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a bountiful season and plenty of helping hands to get the crop into the bin.  

Services Offered

Custom Pesticide Application

Mattson Farms is commercially licensed for pesticide applications. Using 2 Case 4430's, with 120' boom, self-propelled sprayer for all herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and liquid fertilizer stream-bar applications.

Hard Red Winter Wheat in Bulk

Custom Fertilizer Application

With a 70' boom Case 4520 Floater Truck, Mattson Farms is happy to help with fertilizer spreading needs when springtime seeding keeps you busy.

Hard Red Organic Winter Wheat in Bulk

High Quality
Grain Sales

Mattson Farms produces High Quality, High Protein, Winter & Spring Wheat with remarkable baking qualities. Grain can be purchased in any quantity, from pounds to bushels. See our grain page for milling specs.