The Mattsons Standing in Front of Their Wheat Field

Mattson Farms is a large scale, no-till, dry land, cereal grains farming operation. We are located north of Chester, Montana, situated between the Sweet Grass Hills and Tiber Dam Recreation Area. Since 1911 our farm has been 100% family owned and operated.

Nov 25, 2014

2014 Crop is in the Books.

With the 2014 harvest behind us, Mattson farms is taking the holidays to enjoy some much needed time with family and friends.  We had a busy farm season with a constant struggle looking for full-time help.  Like all businesses across America, it is  never easy to find that "perfect" employee, however we fortunately found enough help to get the crop into the bins before too much moisture damaged our crop's quality.  Much of Montana unfortunately was devistated with far too much rain; a concept you rarely hear a Montana farmer complain about, but at the wrong time, rain can indeed destroy a bumper crop.  Grain quality has been the topic of conversation amongst all farmers this season.  If you were lucky enough to NOT have your grain determined as "feed quality" you likely had a struggle at the elevator with dockage due to "falling numbers".  Falling numbers is a problem that occurs if the wheat seed has slightly began to sprout and produce an enzyme that can lead to poor baking quality.  Luckily, our crew helped us get most of our grain out of the fields before the rain fell and for once we were thankfull we recieved far less rainfall than other parts of the state. Despite the lack of rain early in the spring and ample rain during harvest, Mattson Farms had another successful year.  Each year we greatfully rejoice a hearty crop, we are also forced to accept the liklihood of another possible drought in the near future.
Another topic we are addressing at Mattson Farms is the 2014 Agriculture Act recently announced by the USDA, more familiarly known as the "Farm Bill". The words: Base realocation, yield updates, PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC, lead to number crunching and then...decisions decisions!   Many changes have been made in our USDA offices and we have busy been attending meetings to better understand how to best manage our farm with these changes.  There is no longer a "direct payment", so farmers are being asked to choose which type of risk management tool they would like to enroll their farms into should we encounter another disaster.    


Services Offered

Custom Pesticide Application

Mattson Farms is commercially licensed for pesticide applications. Using 2 Case 4430's, with 120' boom, self-propelled sprayer for all herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and liquid fertilizer stream-bar applications.

Hard Red Winter Wheat in Bulk

Custom Fertilizer Application

With a 70' boom Case 4520 Floater Truck, Mattson Farms is happy to help with fertilizer spreading needs when springtime seeding keeps you busy.

Hard Red Organic Winter Wheat in Bulk

High Quality
Grain Sales

Mattson Farms produces High Quality, High Protein, Winter & Spring Wheat with remarkable baking qualities. Grain can be purchased in any quantity, from pounds to bushels. See our grain page for milling specs.