The Mattsons Standing in Front of Their Wheat Field

Mattson Farms is a large scale, no-till, dry land, cereal grains farming operation. We are located north of Chester, Montana, situated between the Sweet Grass Hills and Tiber Dam Recreation Area. Since 1911 our farm has been 100% family owned and operated.

May 25, 2016

Big Rains = Big Relief.

With poor grain prices in today's market, Mattson Farms is now relying on above average yields in 2016 to cover the cost of production.  Fortunately, the recent May rainfall has certainly improved the outlook. 

All of the Spring crops are in the ground and doing well.  This year's spring grains include Green Peas, Lentils, and Durum.  We use Pulse Crops (peas, lentils, chickpeas) as a part of our crop rotation in order to utilize weed and disease mitigation and to provide an alternative crop for our sales portfolio.  Our region has unique soil and growing conditions that have allowed Pulse Crops to be beneficial in our operation.  Our local community has also developed delilvery options for these alternative grains, making delivery more affordable.   

Our Winter Wheat crop has been fertilized for an average-to-above average yeild, sprayed for weed and disease mitigation, and is about to thow its flag leaf, which means the head is soon to follow.  We anticipate harvest to be on track for a mid-July start date.  Much of our region is experiencing a variety of disease pressure due to the increase in moisture, but so far, we have escaped such pressure.  

Once again, we have utilized the H2A program to enhance our labor force.  We have 2 wonderful and skilled workers helping us with our seasonal work.  There have been reports of arrival delays within the United States' H2A workers program.  Fortunately, we requested the arrival of our workers prior to these delays.  No doubt, the H2A program is not perfect, and if a more simple and affordable program was availalbe, we would be eager to participate.  However until then, we have a consulting firm that helps us navigate the process, and for us, it has been a great fit.

Services Offered

Custom Pesticide Application

Mattson Farms is commercially licensed for pesticide applications. Using 2 Case 4430's, with 120' boom, self-propelled sprayer for all herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and liquid fertilizer stream-bar applications.

Hard Red Winter Wheat in Bulk

Custom Fertilizer Application

With a 70' boom Case 4520 Floater Truck, Mattson Farms is happy to help with fertilizer spreading needs when springtime seeding keeps you busy.

Hard Red Organic Winter Wheat in Bulk

High Quality
Grain Sales

Mattson Farms produces High Quality, High Protein, Winter & Spring Wheat with remarkable baking qualities. Grain can be purchased in any quantity, from pounds to bushels. See our grain page for milling specs.