Since 1911 our farm has been 100% family owned and operated. Our vision is to remain a family farm of sufficient size and scope for intergenerational transfer that provides a comfortable living and working atmosphere for owners and employees.

We also recognize and accept our responsibility both socially and morally to our neighbors, our community, and our environment.

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Carl graduated from Montana State University graduate with a BS Agriculture Production. Born and raised on a farm 15 miles of north of Chester, he returned there to pursue his career as a wheat producer.

While farming, Carl served on a variety of boards including the Chester Public Schools, Montana Grain Growers, NRCS Local Working Group, and the State NRCS Technical Advisory Committee.

Carl has chaired organizations including PARA (Precision Ag Research Association ), I.A.E.A. (International Agriculture Education Association), and the local Chester Lions.

As a member of AAPEX (The Association of Agricultural Production Executive), Carl enjoys meeting yearly with fellow graduates of T.E.P.A.P. (The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers). This intellectual getaway is enjoyed by both Carl and Janice whenever their busy schedules permit them to get away together.

Carl has worked on staff with the Montana Grain Grower Association as their Conservation and Farm Programs Associate and he is currently working on the staff at the Montana Stock Growers Association as a Policy and Conservation Consultant.



Janice is a 1973 Montana State University graduate with a BS in Education. In 1991 she began managing her own farm operation. Her duties include office management (bookkeeping, budgets, record keeping), operating combine and combine during seeding and harvesting, and maintaining a soil fertility program.

As a member of various farm organizations including Montana Grain Growers, Montana Farm Bureau and W.I.F.E. (Women Involved in Farm Economics), she has been a strong advocate of producer involvement.

Janice was appointed as a director to the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee in 2001 and served on several national boards representing various facets of the wheat industry. Most recently she is Chair of U.S. Wheat Associates, the US export market development organization.



Megan Mattson is the daughter of Carl & Janice. She is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Geography and an emphasis in Earth Information Science Technology.

Megan has been on the fram full-time since the spring of 2006.  Her position on Mattson Farms is the Operations and Precision Ag Associate.  She assists in the office management and manages the farm’s data collection, the mapping of fields and all operation data. She is also a primary operator on all field operations, including the sprayers, seeding equipment, combines, spreading fertilizer, and grain hauling.

Megan and her husband, Chad Hedges, were married October 6, 2012.  Chad is a general contractor.  He owns a local construction business and also helps Mattson Farms during Harvest and Planting.

Megan and Chad have a daughter, Eliza, and a son, Brody.



Vince Mattson is the son of Carl and Janice. He is a 2001 Ag-Business graduate from Montana State University, with a year of studying at Virginia Tech. Following graduation, Vince returned home to assist with the management of Mattson Farms.  Shortly after his return, he added his own farm corporation, Paragon Grain, Inc.  In 2006, Vince took on the primary responsibilities including the marketing of our products, cropping recommendations, management of field operations, management of employees, and day-to-day activities.  Vince is a 2007 of The Executive Program for Agricluture Producers (TPAP) from Texas A&M.  He is also the Liberty-Hill-Blaine County President for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Vince and his wife, Kerry, were married in 2003 and welcomed their first child, Brie, in 2008 and Connor in 2011.  In their spare time time, they enjoy spending time at the lake, flying, and traveling. 



Kerry moved to Chester and married Vince in 2003.  She is trained as a Physical Therapy Assistant, but most recently has taken time off to be at home with her kids.  Kerry also helps in the farm office and is a primary combine operator during the Mattson harvest.

Kerry and Vince have 2 children, Brie and Connor.



Mattson Farms strongly believes involving children in the operations of farming gives them an opportunity to understand our business, lifestyle and passion for the industry.

Top:  Brie & Connor in a Pea Field as they begin to flower
Bottom:  Megan & Eliza in the sprayer