Wheat is lodging but with heavy heads on Montana farm

By TERRI ADAMS, Lee Agri-Media
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 12:22 PM CDT
CHESTER, Mont. – As the wheat heads grow heavy in north central Montana, Megan Mattson is getting ready for harvest. They are getting their combines attached to the headers and trucks hooked up to trailers and ready to go. Their bins are waiting and now Megan is watching the weather.

“We’re still just hoping we don’t get any hail,” said Megan. “When my mom left for her U.S. Wheat Associates summer meetings in San Diego she wrote us a note that said to keep the hail away while I’m gone.”

She is also staying busy spraying a second round of weeds around the field borders. With it being the heat of summer, Megan can only spray if the temperature is below 80 degrees, so that has made for several early mornings.

“The weeds are still dying fairly easily so that’s nice,” she said. “I am getting to them a little late and often at this time of year the weeds are drying up and don’t seem to want to die. At least they are still growing and not setting seeds quite yet.”